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RobotWorks Version 7 is now available for purchase or upgrade.  Version 6 comes with powerful new features such as improved Patterning Tools, Funnel Points for orientation control, and LINEAR AXIS support.


Recessions are tough, but we can help.

Money is tight, but still need to get the work done?  Call to outsource your difficult robotic path development with RobotWorks.


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The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.  - - Vince Lombardi



Virtuoso Robot Engineering Services For Manufacturing, Research, and Integrators.


Blue Technik is an engineering services company for high technology and challenging industrial robotics applications.   We provide a blend of engineering design services, programming expertise, advanced analysis tools, and years of experience to solve your most difficult robotic motion challenges.


Design  ●  Programming   ●   Robotic Applications   ●   Factory Automation Planning   ●   Training & Consulting


US Reseller of RobotWorks Offline Robotic Programming Software


  • RobotWorks is an offline robot programming software application based upon the proven and powerful SolidWorks 3-D CAD package.
  • Use CAD model geometry to easily create accurate robot path points for complex motion & manufacturing processes.

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  Design Services




Blue Technik can provide mechanical and electrical/controls design services to suit your needs.  Years of experience on the shop floor have won us the skills necessary to know not only how to do it, but how to do it THE RIGHT WAY.


We are proficient in undertaking research projects to establish your new innovative manufacturing processes, and providing guidance to take them to full production.


  Programming Services

Expert level robot programming services are available for reasonable rates.  When you have a challenging project that is beyond normal capabilities, use our almost thirty years of experience to see you through.


  Robot Applications



Our expertise and capabilities are beyond the ordinary.  When you need some clear thinking about how to use robotics to your best advantage, then we are folks to call.  From intricate path development programming using RobotWorks, to end-effector design, to conceptualizing efficient and effective workcells, we can help.


  Factory Operations Improvement & Automation Planning

We are published experts in utilizing Discrete Event Simulation packakges to develop efficient plans for Improved Factory Operations.  We take a realistic approach without a lot of nonsense, to make the biggest improvement in the shortest time.  Have some throughput issues?  Too much Work In Process clogging your ailses?  Repetitive Stress problems?  We can guide you to the next level.


  Training & Consulting



Blue Technik can provide training and consulting services for RobotWorks, robot programming and applications, Lean Operations Implementation.

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