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About Us


There is no right way to do a wrong thing.  - - Author Unknown



About Us

Blue Technik LLC is an Engineering Services Company that is successfully building upon its seventh year of operation.  Our foundation is solid engineering experience gained on the factory floor.  We know, and appreciate the challenges you face.

The primary business segment of operation is advanced applications of industrial robotics and automation technology to the Manufacturing Engineering marketplace.  This is a very exciting field because of the mixture of Engineering disciplines that are required:  Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Industrial, Computer Science, Business and Fianance.

It has been long recognized that this kind of expertise in the marketplace is cyclic in nature:  corporate resources come and go every few years placing great difficulty upon manufacturers.  It is the goal of Blue Technik to provide the necessary engineering skills to customers to help them be successful in implementing not only the challenging robotics projects, but also to guide them in their own path to advanced manufacturing in the Global Economy.

Mission Statement

  • Blue Technik believes that manufacturing is the greatest wealth-building venture on the planet.
  • Blue Technik is proud to provide Engineering Services to assist, guide, and empower factories and their employees in their pursuit of Manufacturing Excellence.
  • Blue Technik will provide the knowledge and expertise to allow its Clients the tools necessary to increase their profits and productivity through the use of advanced manufacturing technology and solid engineering.
  • Blue Technik will perform these activities in a fair, equitable, dignified, and honest capacity at all times because we are ultimately accountable to Our Heavenly Father in the next life for our actions in this one.



We Support Disabilities & National Down Syndrome Society!


We have a personal reason for supporting National Down Syndrome Society and the worthy activity they sponsor, The Buddy Walk.  Participate in one near you!

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